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CATHERINE BEAUDOIN1COMM210Porter claims In order for companies to sustain advantage they require Vision provides guidance about what core to preserve and what operational effectiveness and strategyfuture to stimulate progress toward Core Ideology and Operational effectiveness means performing similar activities Envisioned futurebetter than rivals perform them and achieve excellence in CORE IDEOLOGY It is the glue that holds the organization individual activitiestogether What we stand for and why we exist Disadvantage easy to be copied competitive convergenceCore values principles tenetsStrategic positioning means performing different activities Core purpose reason for being at least 100 yrs from rivals or performing similar activities in different ways unchanged and never been reachedStrategic positions emerges from three different distinct ENVISIONED FUTURE BHAGS it is what we aspire to sources not mutually exclusive could be overlapbecome to achieve to create It has a clear finish line requires 1Varietybased positioning Being unique by having thinking beyond the current capabilities and current distinctive products or servicesenvironment2Needsbased positioningBeing unique by targeting a o1030 year audacious goal targetBHAGS commonspecial group of customersenemyBHAGS rolemodelBHAGS internal3Accessbased positioning Being unique by reaching your transformation BHAGScustomer in special wayoVivid description of what it will be like to achieve the Must have Tradeoff by Strategic position is not sustainable goalmanagers job unless there are tradeoffs with other positionsPorras Claims about leaderoAvoidingLeaders have to be visionary rather than strategicinconsistent imagereputationLeaders have to be committed to the goalcompetitive repositioning and straddlingLeaders have to keep the organization moti
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