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COMM 305

Collins and Porras A wellconceived vision requires 2 components Core ideology and envisioned future Core ideology Values and purposeNeeds to be inspirational to people inside the organizationCore values defines what they stand for Core purpose Why is existsHow does it inspire people To solve unsolved problems To help leading companies to be more successful Core competence Your companys capabilities What it can and cannot do Unlike Core ideology competence changes over time QUALITY IS NOT A CORE VALUE Companies do not change core value in case of market change Envisioned future1030 year audacious goals BHAG has to be realistic but innovativevivid descriptions of what it be like to achieve the goalBhag Clear and compelling thinking beyond capabilities Mercks BHAG Transforming from a chemical manufacturer to one of the biggest drug companies in the worldEXAMPLES OF VIVID DESCRIPTIONHenri FordNo man will ride horses and everybody even the poor will own my carsWinston Churchill Europe will be free if we stand up to HitlerCore ideology is not business related Raising our profit by 20 is not a core purpose or a core value Were arrived syndrome They reached their goals but they dont know what to do next French and Raven Social power5 basis of Osother powers RewardCoercive Legitimate Referent ExpertReward It can be used as an incentive to increase productionCoercive P willbe punished by O if he fails to conform Ex Firing a worker for underperforming Legitimate Ex In some cultures a gender or an age group rules Judge has the right to levy fines priest preaches HierarchyWhen O enforces his powers he will use attractiveness Referent Peer pressure Expert Seeking advice from an expert Example Asking a native villager for directions asking a dietician on diet etc
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