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Porter claims In order for companies to sustain advantage they require operational effectiveness and strategyOperational effectiveness means performing similar activities better than rivals perform them and achieve excellence in individual activitiesDisadvantage easy to be copied competitive convergenceStrategic positioning means performing different activities from rivals or performing similar activities in different ways Strategic positions emerges from three different distinct sources not mutually exclusive could be overlap1Varietybased positioning Being unique by having distinctive products or services2Needsbased positioningBeing unique by targeting a special group of customers3Accessbased positioning Being unique by reaching your customer in special wayMust have Tradeoff by Strategic position is not sustainable unless there are tradeoffs with other positionsoAvoidinginconsistent imagereputationcompetitive repositioning and straddlingdegrade the value of their activitiesoCreating strategic fitSimple Consistency Reinforcing ActivitiesOptimization of effortWhy do companies change strategyoGrowth Trap desire to growThey change strategy to growThey eliminate tradeoffLoose fit in the marketFace risks of failuremanagers joboRole of leader Communicate and define strategyMake decisions and choicesSay No before yes set limitsoStraddlingNot choosing a focus or tradeoffwant a piece of everythingConclusion Companies change strategies to follow development They should be aware of the growth trap They should have a trade off to sustain advantage
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