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Comm 210Week 3 Chapter 3 of MandelCampbellMajor ClaimAs a result of 19th century economic policy Americans and other immigrants are responsible for most Canadian business achievements Evaluate evidence provided for the claimSufficientshe offers lots of factsthe number of stories and evidence she offers to the reader are sufficientshe offers a lot of us companies but only a few canadian ones Maybe she does that so she can prove her claim or maybe its the fact thats there is not a lot of canadian companiesPreciseThe information is not rounded up or down It is interesting that numbers that end with 0 are less precise for some reason It just appears to be less precise even though it might be 100 precisepage 101accurate numbers p79p83 It doesnt have to be quantitativeCan be a list of countries etc Representative the sources of evidence do match with what she is talking aboutShe is offering evidence to prove her claim and the evidence is representative It is about her claim and not random facts that tip toe around her idea It must be representativeAccurate yes ive heard that before things ive read in the pastshe offers simple facts that are accurate page 75about prime ministersloppy vocabularyComm 210Authoritative References to people who are involved in the fieldTo be authoritative you must be legit For an example a Harvard business professorpage 77Duncan Mcdowall professor of canadian business historyExperts Sources p360Clearly Expressed numbers dont speak for themselves She offers a clear message to the audience she explains in details and doesnt just throw numbers for us to guess what it means Is it easily read so it is clearly expressedIt is written for the normal person its laid out very clearlypage 85talked about oil price and then explain in detail about it Put it all togetherAnalyze all 6 characteristics of good evidence and judge to see if her claim is backed up with enough good evidenceDecide which characteristic is weak or strongMake a final judgement if her claim is believable or not
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