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Kyle Nobrega Da CamaraCOMM 210 Midterm Study GuideClaimsA claim is the major conclusion of a piece of writing that the author is trying to persuade you to acceptExplicitly or implicitly statedLikely locationsCue words therefore thus in summary I believe that clearly in short Unproblematic claimsConsistent with our own experiences and observationsFacts independent of interpretationAgreement among experts or strongly supported general claims that are common senseTechnical or mathematical claimsContestable claimsNot commonly accepted knowledgeOften introduce new ideas that awaken curiositySometimes presented as if it were a factCannot stand on their ownAlfred Chandlers Major Claims Enduring Logic of Industrial SuccessSuccessful firms capitalize on economies of scalescope create management structures and invest in researchdevelopmentTwo Key ConceptsEconomies of scaleLarge plants can produce products at a much lower cost than small ones because the cost per unit drops as the volume of output risesEconomies of scopeLarge plants can use many of the same raw and semifinished materials and intermediate production processes to make a variety of different productsMajor Claims RePhrased
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