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Set of rules and guidelines by which a society has come to accept as a way of living and conducting itself. Governing applies the law and enforces the rules. Present in one form, in every society. Early stage of civilization: focused on specialization of skills and how to master one speci c skill. Over time, people co-operate in communities and lived together. For a community to function, there is a need for regulation. Some laws were passed on through generations by word- to-mouth or by codi cation (collection in written form) Need for more complex laws: communities became more and more complex and diverse. 1. 23] who decides: community as a whole (the customs become the only way to behave, community recognize one person as the wisest and accept that he governs, group of people declaring themselves as rules. In wars: the victor will impose its system of law on the loser. The community does not always determine the laws.