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17Mar08CONTRACTS p 77This course is about obligationsThere are only three ways to be obliged The laweg 2 you have to come to someones aidContracts another way you can be obliged to do something but you have to consentCivil liability Only two types of obligationsTo doNot to doDifferent types of contractEmployment contractsMandate contracts1378 Different contract categories1379 Adhesion contractone party has no possibility to negotiateeg pay the set price for an airline ticketBut failure to negotiate doesnt mean its a contact of adhesionIf not adhesion then Mutual Party contractparties negotiate 1380 Synallagmatic Bilateral contractobligations arise on both sides of equationegsell Lada for 10k both sides have obligations one delivers the car the other paysUnilateral contractonly one party has an obligation eg will donations1381 Onerousmoney involvedGratuitousfor free1382 Communicative contractyou know the exact terms of the contracteg in March I sign a contract with my apple producer to100 bushels of apples100bushel in SeptemberAleatory contractrandom I dont know the full extent of my obligations in September eg I will buy as many bushels as you can produce 100bushel I dont know how much Ill spendIll be able to calculate in September1383 Instantaneous performancea onetime dealSuccessiveeg a lease dont pay full 12 months up front execute monthly1384 Consumer contractcontract between one consumer and one merchantNot consumerconsumer or merchantmerchant1385 A contract needs Consent between LPs with Capacity to contractand Causeand Object
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