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Religious freedom entails that when a claimant sincerely believes in a practice of religion If the religious freedom right is triggered then court must decide whether the exercise of the right infringes the freedom of religion Under S3 of the Qc Charter every person possesses fundamental rights which include the freedom of practicing his or her religion Under S91 the freedom and rights are limited to the scope provided by the lawThe coowners have the right to personal security under S1 and the right to peaceful enjoyment of property to the extent provided by law under S6 Case Syndicat Northcrest vs AmselemDiscrimination is distinguishing between people based on certain criterias described in S10 It states that every person has equal human rightsfreedom without distinction to race sex colour age etc Discrimination not limited to because under you S10 S50 cannot suppress any human rights No one can refuse a judicial act contract with someone based on discrimination under S12Reverse discrimination Unfair treatment of members of majority group Especially due to the fact that affirmative action is taken help the minority that the majority is being discriminated against due to such policies An example would be that a percentage is filled for an ethnic minority instead of following the minimum required standard Case Brutter vs BollingerAffirmative action Policies giving preference to minority groups Under S181 you are not required to disclose confidential information determined in S10 unless it is required for the employment under S
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