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Chapter 1 Getting the Message AcrossSoft Skill one of the social and self management behaviors that help people take actionHard Skill the knowhow tools and techniques that equip people to work in a professional capacityCommunicating for a Changing WorkplaceOur country is on the cusp of an advanced technology revolutionThis transformation encompasses a changeover tooA knowledge based internetoAdoption of revolutionary information and communication technologies ICTsoNew teambased work environments with flattened hierarchiesoMore diverse employee baseoHighly competitive global marketsThe Knowledge of the economyTodays economy is in the age of information and is knowledge basedKnowledge workers make and sell an idea based product eg software consultingAdvantage of knowledge based ideas is that their value can rapidly grow as the global market expandsFlatter OrganizationsHierarchies may be flattened as companies strive for cost savings efficiency competitiveness and sustainabilityThe democratization of the workplace make shorter communication chains there every individual must be a skilled communicatorBusiness on a global scaleWorlds economy has become increasingly global and the world seems to have shrunkoNetscape promoting connectivity and the free flow of informationoSoftware promoting wider cooperationoOpensourcing software in the public domainoOutsourcing and offshoring redistributing aspects of business to other countriesoAmplifiers digital virtual mobile and personalMore Diverse Employee BaseCanadian workplace consists of all different kinds of ethnicities races ages genders physical abilities sexual orientation You need to diversify the workplace or you may miss out on the diversity advantageTeamwork EnvironmentsTeams are the way to do businessCollaboration through cross functional teams in which people form different areas of expertise come together to share information for a common goalGood interpersonal and communication skills are essential for success in a team environmentVirtual project team eliminate time and space barriersAdvancing Communication TechnologiesOur communications are mediated through many different technologies eg phones fax computer etcAllow us to communicate farther faster and around the clockSocial Networking sites Facebook MySpace TwitterFacebooks purpose is to facilitate the spread of information through social networks allowing people to share information online the same way they do in the real world3D Virtual WorldsUser participants create avatars or alteregos and in return receive and experience of synchronous virtual role playing actionCommunication DefinedCommunication is a transactional and relational process involving the meaningful exchange of informationCommunication theoryis a system of ideas for explaining communicationRhetoric the use of language to persuade an audienceSemantics the study of the words and symbols we chooseSemiotics the study of how meaning is assigned and understoodCybernetics the study of how information is processed and how communication systems functionThe Communication ProcessCommunication can be understood in terms of beingSituated embedded in a particular environmentRelational ability to interact effectivelyTransactional cooperativeElements of CommunicationMessage any type of oral written or nonverbal communication that is transmitted by a sender to an audienceSender the participant in the transaction who has an idea and communicates it by encoding it in a messageEncoding the act of converting ideas into code in order to convey a written oral or nonverbal messageChannela communication pathway or medium over which a message travelsReceiverthe person for whom a message is intended who decodes the message by extracting meaning from itDecoding the act of extracting meaning from spoken written and nonverbal communicationFeedback the receivers response to a message that confirms if the original message was received and understoodBarriers to Effective CommunicationCommunication Barriers problems that can affect the communication transaction leading to confusion or misunderstandingNoise any form of physical or psychological interference that distorts the meaning of a messageChannel Overloadthe inability of a channel to carry all transmitted messagesInformation Overload a condition whereby a receiver cannot process all message due to their increasing number
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