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COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS A Canadian Students Guide Second EditionChapter 12 Oral CommunicationMultiple Choice Questions1Speaking to an external group is challenging because ait is harder to predict and interpret the audiences reactionsbthe presenter has to establish her credibilitycthe listeners may not be interested in the topicdAll of the above2Signpost words like the next point are used in a alogical structure bnarrative structurecformal structuredNone of the above3A threepart structure with an introduction main points and a conclusion is calledaformal structurebnarrative structureclogical structuredNone of the above4Which of the following is not a goal of the opening remarks of a presentationaIdentifying yourself and establishing your credibilitybGetting the audiences attentioncEstablishing the costs of your goods or servicesdAll of the above5 is not a good attentiongetting device for the beginning of a presentationaAsking the audience an interesting questionbStating an unexpected statistic or factcDescribing your credentials and experiencedAny of the above6While preparing a presentation you think about some questions the audience is likely to askShould you aincorporate the answers into your presentationbprepare clever answers for the moment the questions are askedcBoth of the abovedNeither a nor b Oxford University Press Canada 2010
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