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COMM 320

Chapter 2 Communicating in Small Groups and Teams1The reasons that organizations form teams are that teams usually make better decisions respond faster increase productivity andacollaborate in teambased written and oral presentationsbare proficient in using technologycexperience less hostility among team membersdachieve greater buyinREFp 282When team members are separated by geography time zones and cultures they must work especially hard to developathe most uptodate email and voice mail systemsbunderstanding commitment and trustcexcellent payroll and benefit packagesdhuman resources and legal support programREFp 293Sam is a member of the accounting department and he and his colleagues have been assigned individual tasks by their manager Sam and his colleagues are considered to be aateambgroupcvirtual teamdselfdirected teamREFp 294Melanie is part of a team that is working to come up with a marketing plan for a new product Team members are spread all over the country and dont meet in person Instead they use software that allows them to meet at a distance to collaborate on the project Because members use technology to stay connected Melanie is part of aateambgroupcvirtual teamdselfdirected teamREFp 285Which of the following statements most accurately describes a selfdirected teamaA selfdirected team requires a managers approval for decisionsbThe members of a selfdirected team cannot hire fire and discipline their own memberscA selfdirected team is least effective in solving problems that require people with different skills to work togetherdThe members of selfdirected team are able to complete jobs on their own with little or no supervisionREFp 29
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