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Chapter 3 Workplace Listening and Nonverbal Communication1Select the most accurate statementaListening skills are an important part of customer servicebSkills such as listening writing and speaking often determine career successcWorkers are most satisfied when they feel that management listens to their concernsdAll of the aboveREFp 542Business executives spend the greatest share of their communication timeareadingblisteningcspeakingdwritingREFp 543Experts say that we listen at an efficiency rate ofa25 percentb77 percentc50 percentd10 percentREFp 544Several factors may cause poor listening habits Which of the following is not one of these factorsaLack of trainingbLarge number of competing sounds and stimuli in our livescPhysical hearing disabilitydAbility to process speech faster than others can speakREFp 545When listening to your superior on the jobanever convey your ignorance by asking dumb questions to clarify instructionsbshow your interest by leaning forwardcfeel free to answer the phone if you receive a calldrely on your memory for the details rather than take notesREFp 556Asha spends a lot of time listening to her colleagues She is always careful to judge and evaluate what she hears to determine whether its fact fiction or opinion Asha is engaging inadiscriminative listeningbcritical listeningclag timedefficiency listeningREFp 55
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