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COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS A Canadian Students Guide Second EditionChapter 9 Communicating for EmploymentMultiple Choice Questions1 involves considering what you enjoy doing your work style and work experiencesaThe resumbSelfassessment cPsychoanalysisdCounseling2Having thoroughly assessed yourself you can expect ato find the job you will spend the rest of your life doingbto change jobs every few years cto realize that you dont like workingdto start in a management position3Which of the following is not a way of tapping into the hidden job marketaUnannounced visits to the company you want to work for bCold callscJobprospecting lettersdNetworking4Employers rarely use resums toascreen out applicantsbdecide whom to interviewcgather standardized data on applicantsddecide whom to hire 5When organizing a resum which of the following should come right after the objective statementaEducationbWork experiencecMost noteworthy qualification dList of skills6When formatting your resum be sure to avoid aheadings for sectionsbactive verbscspace between sectionsdtypos 7When should you include your GPA Grade Point Average in your resum Oxford University Press Canada 2010
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