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Chapter 1 Communicating at Work1Global communicators will probably be most successful if theyalearn to speak the language of the country with which they will be doing businessbstudy as many books as possible to learn about the culture of the people with whom they will be doing businessclearn to be sensitive and flexible in dealing with individuals from other culturesdtake a class in world religions to prepare them for doing business abroad2Noteworthy changes in todays dynamic workplace revolve aroundaunion participation and regulationbprocessing and communicating informationctaxes and government controlsdclothing and dress codes3Among the most significant difficulties in doing business in farflung countries is dealing with people whoalive in different time zonesbare similar in most respects except for languagecdiffer from you in customs lifestyles and religionduse different equipment and technology in conducting business4One important reason that North American companies are expanding into global markets is thatalocal markets are experiencing excellent salesbcommunication and transportation systems have improvedcthe local workplace is becoming more diversedthe population of North America is decreasing5Many businesses today are flattening their management hierarchies This flattening means thatainformation must flow through more layers of managementbit takes longer to make decisionscmanagement hierarchies are more authoritarian than ever beforedemployees at all levels need excellent communication skills6Which of the following communication technologies allows business people to conduct meetings with associates around the worldaTeleconferencing and videoconferencingbEmailcFax machinesdPresentation software7Amandas boss has referred to her as a knowledge worker Amanda therefore knows that she will be evaluated based on her ability toaget along with othersbprepare professional documentsclearndcommunicate with clients8Your new boss wants you to be able to think critically You must therefore be able toamake decisions very quicklybhave opinions and ideas that are backed by reasons and evidencecuse decisionmaking softwaredgive good constructive criticism to your colleagues9As employees move up the career ladderatechnical skills become more important than oral and written communication skillsbability to use a computer becomes more important than technical skillscability to use a computer becomes more important than oral and written communication skillsdoral and written communication skills become more important than technical skills10Select the best definition of communicationaCommunication is the transmission of information from one individual or group to anotherbCommunication is the transmission of meaning from one individual or group to anothercCommunication is the transmission of information and meaning from one individual or group to anotherdCommunication is the transmission of ideas from one individual or group to another11Communication can be considered successful only whenaideas are transmittedbmeaning is transmitted
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