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COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS A Canadian Students Guide Second EditionChapter 11 Proposals and Formal ReportsMultiple Choice Questions1In the conclusion the writer arepeats the recommendationsbexplains what the findings mean cintroduces new material dexpresses his or her opinions2Which of the following is not a good reason for citing and documenting informationaTo avoid charges of plagiarismbTo support assertionscTo help readers find the documents you useddTo awe your readers3A document that solicits bids on a project is called a arequest for proposalbformal reportcexternal proposaldNone of the above4The main goal of a proposal is to adescribe how the project will be scheduledbdescribe how the project will benefit the readercdescribe how the project will be fundeddNone of the above5The section that describes your solution to a problem is called the aproposalbmethodcscheduledAny of the above6Sams costs went up dramatically after a contract was signed What should he do aResubmit the budgetbWithdraw from the projectcSet up a meeting with the customer to discuss his problemdNone of the above7Which of the following is not part of the Front Matter of a formal proposalaAbstractbList of figures Oxford University Press Canada 2010
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