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COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS A Canadian Students Guide Second EditionChapter 1 Getting the Message AcrossMultiple Choice Questions1Good communication matters in business because aeveryone communicates for a livingbits impossible to work in a office setting without communicating by writing or voicecit reflects who you are professionallydAll of the above 2The ability to communicate effectively is aa hard skillba soft skill ca medium skilldnot a skill at all3Of the following items which is not an essential part of the current changes to the workplaceaThe knowledge economybTeambased work environmentscPostsecondary education dFlattened hierarchieseHighly competitive global markets4Some of the benefits of a flattened organization are acostsavingsbefficiencycshorter communication chainsdAll of the aboveeNone of the above 5The worlds economy is increasingly anationalisticbpatrioticcglobal disolated6Which of the following items is not an aspect of intercultural sensitivityaRespecting differences in customsbRespecting differences in religionscRespecting differences in time zones dRespecting differences in business etiquette Oxford University Press Canada 2010
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