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SOCIAL NETWORKING BENEFITS SMITHCOMEMORANDUMToRobert Jones Sr DirectorFromMichael Tennant ManagerSubjectSocial Networking benefits pertaining to SmithCoDateApril 5 2013thEnclosed is the report you requested for April 5 2013 about Social Networking mediums that can benefit our company The study involved a review of the marketing community building human resource sales and internal communication aspects of social networking inAlthough many companys and organization have mixed views about the use of Social Networking as a medium to consumers the information I have gathered shows that as a result of numerous benefits from the use of Social Networking as a medium to consumers we should invest a considerable effort in researching and developing a Social Networking platform which appeals to our target market of consumersIt is my intention that this report will provide you and the SmithCo board with the information needed to justify the importance of having Social Networking and its benefits in function with our company Please let me know if you have any questions about this report or if you need any further information I may be reached at 514 8674821 and by email at MichaelTennant4hotmailcom I look forward to discussing the report recommendation and action plan with youEnc
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