COMP 248 Final: COMP 248 Final Exam 2005 Summer

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31 Jan 2019

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Comp 248 /1 section aa introduction to programming. Answer all questions on these sheets in the space provided. No hand calculators, books, notes or extra paper. No cell phones, pagettes or any other electronic devices. This exam is 13 pages long, including the cover page. This exam is out of 100 points. Multiple choice questions (circle only one answer) - 2. 5 points/ question. Which of the following would be a legal java identifier: i, class, ilikeclass, idon"tlikeclass, i-like-class. Assume that x, y and z are all ints equal to 50, 20 and 6 respectively. What is the result of x / y / z: 0, 12, 16, a syntax error as this is syntactically invalid, a run-time error because this is a division by 0. Which of the following would return the last character of the string x: x. charat(0), x. charat(last), x. charat(length(x)), x. charat(x. length( )-1), x. charat(x. length( ));

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