COMP 249 Final: COMP 249 Final Exam Summer 205

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31 Jan 2019

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No notes, books, calculators or other electronic devices are allowed. Question 1 (19pts): complete the following sentences using the terms given below. array. A- (3pts)_________comparable serializable list queue ___ are all built-in interfaces from the java api: (indicate all possible answers from the above list of terms). B- (3pts)________________arraylist __hashset_____________ are all concrete classes from the java collections framework. (indicate all possible answers from the above list of terms). C- (2pts) a/an ________checked exception __________ exception must obey the catch- or-declare rule. D- (2pts) with a/an _________random access___________ file, the programmer can modify a specific byte anywhere in the file. E- (2pts) a/an ________listener ___________________________ is often implemented using a inner class. F- (2pts) the ________static type ___________________________ of a variable is its type as it was declared in the program. G- (2pts) in a/an _______stack____________________________, objects are inserted at the same end as they are removed. Question 2 (21pts): give a brief explanation for each of the following questions.

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