EDUC 240 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Task Analysis, Multivac, Instructional Design

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When a response is provided incorrectly, provide some element of punishment: in defining instructional design, rowland establishes the following categories for the main attributes with the exception of: The instructional design models: dr carliner states that a good training program engages the learners emotionally and intellectually. The key quality for emotional engagement is relevance. Case incidents: harvey, a corporate trainer, decides to use the discussion method during a training session. Simulation: significant research exists supporting the effectiveness of behavioural modeling training. Improve employees" strengths and potential: the following are examples of on the job training except. Behaviour modelling: the supervisor allows the trainee to complete the entire job during instruction training. Greater staff flexibility and cross-pollination of skill sets: what term is dr shaw referring to when he states that is an approach that also takes into account the trajectory that a training program .

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