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Ronald Proud
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Causes and Effects essay about Bottled water
One of the basic things we do to stay alive is to drink water. People are divided into two types; some
people drink water from the tap while others drink water only from bottled water. The number of
people from the second type has increased over the years which led to a remarkable raise in the bottled
water’s sales. The main causes for this sharp change are the quality of the water, the manufacturing of
the demand and the impact of the families on the new generations.
In some countries like Tunisia, tap water has a poor quality. It is not getting special treatments in order
to improve its quality. Besides, there is no investments done by the government to prevent pollution
and to provide people with a high-quality water that they can find for free in their houses. These facts
are leading people to buy bottled water more often in order to maintain good health. Even though, as In
“Bottle vs tap: 7 things to know about drinking water,” water quality in Canada is being tested
frequently. Municipalities are always making sure that it is in sanitary condition, immigrants who are
used to buy bottled water in their native countries will continue on that habit. It is difficult to get rid of
Another cause for this act is that bottled water’s companies are now manufacturing demand in order to
keep their incomes at a very high level. By manufacturing demand they are using three ways; scaring,
seducing and misleading. They always try to change people’s mind about tap water. They make them
fear drinking it and lie by saying that it has negative effects. All what they are trying to do is to implant a
false idea in people’s minds and change their way of thinking. As in The story of bottled water,
(Leonard, 2010) states People think drinking water only comes from a bottle”. This proves that the
techniques, that companies have used, were helpful to increase their incomes as they have planned.
The change in people’s mind about tap water comes not only from the companies but also from the
environment that we live in The environment that we live in has a major influence on our decisions.
Children who are born in a family where all the members drink only bottled water will grow and stay
used to that habit. They may stick to it for a long time, which will lead it to be transferred to the next
In some countries bottled water does not have a better quality than tap water. However, people are
used to buying water with more expensive prices than the water that they already have for free. This is a
result of a habit they have or an excessive fear of tap water. Governments should invest in two things in
order to get rid of this phenomena; provide better quality of tap water and make people aware of the
false idea, which has been transmitted to them.
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