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Engr 202Chapter 1 recapThe environmentThis refers to our natural resources air and other natural commoditiesThe state of the environment is affected by our choicesand by affecting this we affect others around us including other living beingsOur activities change the environment This is a cycle that goes through many stageswhich we can visualize in a framework for environmental impactThe solid lines are the primary path or initial impacts the dashed lines show the major feedbackresponse to theseEngineers mainly focus on the highlighted 3 areasLand usePollutant transportTechnology developmentThe remainder is determined by the government and the impact humans seethere by passing laws to improve the regulations and engineers must develop new technology to improve and fit within these new standardsOur activities change the environmentphysical changes chemical changes and biological changesHuman activityaffects agriculture transportation and recreationemissions on air land waterPhysical changesdeforestation for example alteration of waterways dams changes to the envChemical changesacid rain removal of nutrients in the soil or contamination of soil with chems Biological changeschanges on the habitat of all living creatures potentially causing extinctionEnvironemental Impacts The list is big but its all from acid rain smog water air pollution o3 depletion global warmingetcThis means we must find a way to have sustainable developmentSustainable development the world commission on environement and evelopmentmet in 187meet needs of the current gen without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
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