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Liberalismcooperation states want cooperation to better themsevles development programs for the better of us manage their own 1 All states rational units2 Prefer to replace the competition with cooperation 3 Sovereigntismrespect the rights of otherswhile gaining benefit4 International liberalism development programshelps or serves the benefits the states involved humanity element involved Realismcompetition states want to compete with others to get better protection three sssecurityno centralized power in the world to protect them statesmust protect themselves selfhelplooking after themselvesNeorealistno order like the domestic sphere international relations is marked as anarchy the states must protect themselves principle of selfhelpCosmopolitismhelp the rest Obligation to helping all humans each thing that is done in the state is related to humans duty to go beyond our borders to help create the new Sovereigntism that the pursuit of national selfinterest be constrained by an ethical obligation to respect the sovereignty of other statesState Internationalismthat many highly desirable state objectives can only be pursued jointly with other states obligation of states to refrain from intervening in the affairs of other statesto cooperate fairly and equitably in the promotion of objectives that they share with those statesCosmopolitanismbreaks free of the state centred focus of both these ethical positions to argue that foreign policy must acknowledge the compelling force of obligations that we owe to those beyond our bordersMotivation for eachCanada and the approaches it takes1966neutralize threats get a higher up on other countriesliberal humanitarian CIDA19771996
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