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EXCI 233

EXC233Practice FinalWinter 2014Multiple ChoiceIdentify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question1Which term describes an individuals need to constantly take a drug aTolerancebCravingcPsychoactivitydIntoxication2Which of the following types of cancer starts in the epithelial linings of the bodyaCarcinomasbSarcomascLeukemiasdLymphomas3Why are genetically modified organisms GMOs being developedaMore use of GMOs will lead to foods with a healthier nutritional contentbThese types of plantsanimals will be resistant to all viral diseases that infect themcFoods produced from GMOs will require less sugar when they are being processeddIntroduction of nonnative genes will lead to less use of chemical pesticides4Derek feels that he spends more time thinking about past wins future games as well as how to get more funds for his weekly poker games This is an example ofaPsychological stresscCompulsive behaviourbCognitive confusiondAddiction5Which of the following is not usually taken as a warning sign of canceraSkin rashcDigestive problemsbNagging coughdA sore that does not heal6Bertie doesnt see that her addiction to betting is selfdestructive She is experiencingadisplacementcobsessionbcompulsionddenial7What would happen if a human restricted food intake by 25 for 6 months or moreaThe result would be more free radicals and DNA damage in the bodys cellsbGenes that allow weight loss would act to prevent unhealthy weight losscThe mitochondria in the muscle cells would become more efficient
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