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EXCI 251 Final: final study guide

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Exercise Sci.
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EXCI 251

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Chapter 1: Part 1 Wellness: The New Health Goal Health: the overall condition of body or mind and the presence or absence of illness or injury o Healthor some aspects of it can be determined or influenced by factors beyond your control, such as your genes, age, and family history Wellness: optimal health and vitality, encompassing the six dimensions of wellbeing o Wellness is largely determined by the decisions you make about how you live Enhanced wellness, therefore, involves making conscious decisions to control risk factors that contribute to disease or injury Age and family history are risk factors you cannot control. Behaviors such as smoking, exercise, and eating a healthy diet are well within your control. The Dimensions of Wellness Experts have defined six dimensions of wellness: o Physical o Emotional o Intellectual o Interpersonal o Spiritual o environmental Each dimension of wellness affects the others. Further, the process of achieving wellness is constant and dynamic, involving change and growth. Ignoring any dimensions of wellness can have harmful effects on your life. Physical Wellness Your physical wellness includes not just your bodys overall condition and the absence of disease but your fitness level and your ability to care for yourself The higher your fitness level, the higher your level of physical wellness will be To achieve optimal physical wellness, you need to make choices that will help you avoid illnesses and disease Emotional Wellness Reflects your ability to understand and deal with your feelings Emotional wellness involves attending to your own thoughts and feelings, monitoring your reactions, and identifying obstacles to emotional stability
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