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EXCI 252 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Peripheral Vision, Tinnitus, Anterograde AmnesiaPremium

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Exercise Sci.
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EXCI 252
Robert Panenic
Study Guide

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1) Initiate ERP
2) Gloves and visual scan
3) Approach the athlete and stabilize the head
4) Unconscious/responsive
- What happened?
- Open your eyes!
- Where does it hurt?
- Move your fingers (squeeze hands, move feet)
5) Airway
- Mouth guard, gum?
- Broken teeth?
6) Breathing
- Take a deep breath, any pain or difficulty?
7) Circulation
- Any irregularity in pulse
- Major bleeds
1) DEFG should e take if it’s a spial, efore itals
Alert or not
Neck or back pain
Palpation of spinous processes and vertebral column
Cord Sign (bilateral squeeze of hands and moving feet) (ASK ABOUT THIS, WE DO IT
Numbness/Tingling/Burning in arms and/or legs
Dermatomes and myatomes
No positive signs but still neck or back pain, call 911
2) Full head to toe delayed if they’re osious util deteried if goig o spial oard or ot
3) After 911 has been called
1) Cervical collar
2) EFG
3) Remove equipment
4) Take and record baseline vitals (ASK IF ON WE DO THIS WHILE THEYRE STRAPPEDIN) (every
5 minutes, gie O2 he they’re o spial oard, ad take SAMPLE history, preet/treat
for shock, keep warm, mention O2, and reassure the athlete)
5) Immobilize
6) Log roll/lift onto spinal board
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