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EXCI 252 Midterm: LAB 3 review exam

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Exercise Sci.
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EXCI 252
Robert Panenic

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LAB 3 BMI and WC  Height - Stand upright as tall as possible - Look forward - Feet together - Hands by the side - Flat feet on the ground - Heel and back touching the wall - Take measurement on inhalation, nearest 0.5  Weight - Feet on the scale without shoes - Hands by the side - Look in front of you - Stand upright - Light clothing, nothing in pockets - Record to nearest 0.1kg  Waist circumference - No clothing - No accessories - Feet shoulder width apart - Arms crossed over chest relaxed manner - Go on right side of their body - Measurement taken on superior edge of iliac crest - Taken measurement at normal expiration. - Round to nearest 0.5cm  BMI is gender and age specific  Skinfolds: - Measures subcutaneous fat - Proportion of subcutaneous fat to total fat varies with gender, age, and ethnicity - Limitations include: client being sensitive, and intra/inter variability  Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis: - Non-invasive estimation % of body fat - Higher amount of water in body, the less resistance there is to electrical current - The greater the fatness, the greater the resistance  Gold standards - Dual x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) - Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - Computer-aided tomography (CT) AEROBIC FITNESS  Reflects efficiency of: - Heart - Lungs - Blood vessels - In transporting oxygen to working muscles and the muscles’ ability to use that oxygen to do work - Ability to sustain effort over a period of time - Respond to emergencies  4 protocols 1) mCAFT: - multi-sage step test - suitable for 15-69
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