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FINA 395 Theory of Finance IIMidterm Examination February 15 2009 from 1015 am1215 pmInstructor Nilanjan BasuInstructionsMake sure that you submit the question sheet with your exam Also when you are asked to stop writing at the end do not continue If you have not written your nameID wait till the invigilator is free to check your work and then complete the information Write your name and student ID in at least one place on the question sheet Return the question sheet with your examYou are allowed to use a scientificfinancial calculator If the calculator is programmable the memory should be cleared prior to the exam You are not allowed to save any stored text in the calculator memoryThere will be partial credit for some of the problems You must show the details of your calculationsreasoning to receive such partial credit Answer all questions on the answer sheetthis includes any multiple choice questions as well Read the questions carefully and budget your time carefullyGood luckV135411
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