HIST 298 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Jacques De Sores, Spanish West Indies, Haitian Revolution

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109 spain had secured and consolidated their rule by building cities, establishing bureaucracies, securing elite wives, and converting indians to christianity. Additionally, the spanish engaged in continuous explorations, motivated in the most part by their quest for wealth. (realized quickly, not much gold. Introduced: sugar, tobacco & coffee crops worked by natives + animals) 163 the port of santo domingo (southern coast) = european firsts in the hemisphere: monastery, hospital, cathedral, court of appeals, and the first university. 93 - the native ta no population (initially hospitable) was decimated by the ravages of famine, the cruelties of forced labor, and disease. The first known smallpox epidemic in hispaniola was recorded in 1518-9. (1530, approx. French colonization of the caribbean (arguably one of the richest colonies at the time) 117 france was the first northern european rival to challenge spanish power in the atlantic and africa.

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