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HIST 202

Wednesday January 22 2012 Outline French Revolution 1789 contdLiberal France culture revolution RadicalizationBonaparteCongress of Viennaits EuropeForces against Constitutional monarchy France is a bourgeois state in 1789 a weak but developing economy The economy is working itself in the moment Everyone will pay the same rate based on his or her property Equality before the law is being brought out at the point The constitutional monarchy the kings power is limited The new laws are being put into affect France is being transformed In the next couple of year France will bePower is divided between the king and the national assembly the king controls the army while the NE controls taxes and other things July rumors and fears went around and riots happened in France to give them their titles Feudalism gave more than oneperson rights on the property The peasants are attacking they offer constitution to the peasants they announce that the feudal system is abolishedWhere their were property rights you can buy your way out Liberal revolution in 89October a demonstration of market woman angry at the price of bread set of to Versailles to ask the kind to intervene Upset by rumors that the new military unit had a banquet with the king and queen A new symbol of the revolution red white and blue had been trampled on by the soldiers They protest that and ask for some control over the food prices Stroke of genius to send woman because the king is not likely to send the army after them In the morning the king agreed to go back to France with themthe Royal family is now back in Paris when they will not leave until they will try to escape in 91 Now the rest of Europe start to sit up and take notice questioning if he is Free of is he a prisoner The Jacobin club becomes a communication center of the revolution2 groups will leave it each time they leave that will radicalize the ones that remain They were never socialists always men of property men of small property Bastille riots they were happy they were saved by it but they didnt want to see another Thats not how they wanted to be saved They cannot have this kind of violent The forces come from that keep the revolution going radical developments The financial crisis that started this mess is still there It will be years before the tax laws can affectively be applied The economy cant function because investors panic and had their money They dont know whats going to happen tomorrow Safest thing to do when theres a crisis is to buy land since they cant take it away from you Its going to be there no matter what Land is a safe investment it will always have value Economically things are not going wellThe weather doesnt cooperate still bad harvest to comeA lot of people are upset about the lack of developments in 89Working men get no protection and will be mad till May for the state to step in and limit food crisis May 1793 Food crisis gets fixedMarket woman constantly ready to come out in the street to end the speculation Consumer riots go on Cordeliers Cultural revolutionNews papers everywhere festivals celebrating the achievements Getting the formation of citizen committees Direct democracy Because the king never accepted any of this he will constantly work to undermine the moderate gov coming out of the assembly opens the doors to the radicals that will step inthe extremists The king working against the modernists that opens the doorWar that breaks out radicalizes everything a 23 year war There was a peace very temporarilyWith France against such a wide collection only one way to save itself was the mass army When you call up the men of property and the men without property you cant deny the men of nonproperty while they have to leave their job to fight beyond Frances boarders Deny the responsibility to make sure their families have food to eat youve got to feed their families behind them Not in the least socialists its social responsibility on the gov Radicalization 1793The Jacobins get power in 93 State intervention in the economy in a crisis They control the gov the radical yearsThis is when France goes democratic France needs young soldiers woman have to keep their roles and look after children not much space for feminism Does France then become Democratic The minute they voted it they suspended until after the war The Jacobins are often called terrorists using terror suspending the constitution 13 of France are occupied by rebels 13 are marching towards France As a result new special tribunals are set up kangaroo courts Radical group does use terror
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