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Instructions to candidates Answer all questions in section A and B Time allowed: 1 hour. Important Note: Indicate you Lecturer's name, Programme ofstudies and student Iclearly on your answer sheet Section A: Multiple Choice Questio(15 Marks) Select the answer which is most appropriate from the options provided. 1. Which of the following is not included in cultural factors? A Beliefs B Sub-cultures C Culture D Household size 2. A market dominated by one seller is known as A Monopoly B Oligopoly C Pure competition D Monopolistic competition 3. Which of the following is not a major characteristic of Relationship Marketing? A Short term focus on production and products. B Is a concern ofthe whole organisation. C Aims for maximum customer loyalty and satisfaction D Focus moves from individual transactions to value-laden relatand value delivery networks. 4. The stage of the research process that employs statistical analysis and data tabulation is A interpreting research findings. B reporting research findings C designing the research project D defining and locating problems 5. Use of a focus group in research is described as A Causal data B Exploratory data C Hypothesis D Descriptive 6. Non - Probability samples do not include A Judgement sample B Convenience sample C Quota sample D Cluster sample 7. Which of the following is not a key element in the microenvironment? A The resource base of the organisation B Social factors C Suppliers power D Influence of customers 8. Which of the descriptions below fits the following statement? Indicate your level ofsatisfaction with regards to the service offered by your bank: Very satisfied Satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied A A multiple choice B A scaled question C An open ended question D A dichotomous question 9. A company whose workforce has specific skills difficult for competitors to copy is considered as A An opportunity B A weakness C A threat D A strength 10. Data observed or collected directly from respondents are A Causal data B Exploratory data C Secondary data D Primary data 11. Jane was interested in buying a new laptop. She discussed the various types with some knowledgeable friends and relied on their advice. Jane's friends were acting as A social class B a reference group. C an economic influence. D routinized decision-makers, 12. In what type of sampling design is the final choice of respondents left up to the interviewers / researchers? A Stratified sampli/g B Random sampling C Quota sampling D Cluster Sampling 2 13. Distribution is also known as A Product B Place C Promotion D Price 14. The process of dividing a total market into groups consisting of people or organizations with relatively similar product needs is known as A customer orientation. B market segmentation. C brand expansion. D product positioning. 15. Which product is MOST likely be purchased through routine decision making? A Car B Desk C Shirt D Soft Drink 16. Personality characteristics, perception, motives, ability, knowledge and attitudes A operate independently of environmental infliences
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