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UNIVERSITY OF MAURITIUS FACULTY OF LAW AND MANAGEMENT SECCONDDSEEMESSTER EXAAMINAATIONSS MAY 2009 PROGRAMME BC (ONS) UMANRESOURCM ANAGEMENT BSC(HON) MANAGEMENT WIINANCE BSC(HON) MANAGEMENT WINFORMATIOSYSTEMS BSC (ONS) ARKETINGMANAGEMENT - LEVEL1 MODULE NAME M ARKETINFUNDAMENTALS DATE Tuesday MODULE CODE MGT 1203 (1) 12 May 2009 TIME 13:30 – 15:30 DURATION 2 Hours Hours NO. OF 5 NO. OF QUESTIONS 4 QUESTIONS SET TO BE ATTEMPTED INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES There are 2 Sections in this paper : Section A and Section B. Section A is COMPULSORY. Section B consists of 3 questions. Answer ANY TWO (2) questions from Section B. MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS – MGT 1203 (1) SEECTTION AA [COMPULSORY] CASE STUDY Ben Sherman : Use of the Marketing Mix in the Fashion Industry Ben Sherman’s name has always been closely linked with the British music scene and with fashion. Its customers are young and at the forefront of style. Ben Sherman has developed a balanced marketing mix and the company ensures that its products reach the market segments. A strong brand image ties the product range togetEach collection has an umbrella theme. In 2007, the product theme was ‘This Sporting Life’ and the marketing theme was ‘British music and style’. Ben Sherman uses major fashion shows to launch its collections to the press. Customers are willing to pay more for ‘aspirational’ products, such as designer wear. These products or brands show that those who own or wear them have a degree of success in their lives. These brands are not price sensitive, as people are willing to pay premium prices for individuality or for the latest style. Ben Sherman produces mostly medium-price range products. Ben Sherman uses traditional distribution channels: its own stores, independent fashion stores and department stores. Ben Sherman works in close partnership with department stores, creating ‘shop-in-shops’ – a unique concept where the customer feels that they are in a Ben Sherman store. The store shares its marketing information about what types of customers are purchasing and which products are most in demand. Ben Sherman uses promotion to help inform customers about its products. Through this information, it increases the customers’ desire to buy its products. Promotion also includes direct mails, exhibitions or events, sales promotions, public relations, sponsorship and product placement. Ben Sherman is a brand that appeals to the youth market. Its responsiveness to changing tastes in fashion and music throughout the last fifty years has provided it with a unique heritage of quality, personality and style. This has made Ben Sherman into a great British icon, reflecting British culture as it does business across the world. Adapted from www.t
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