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MANA 362

Chapter 1What is HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENTHRMan integrated set of processes practices programssystems in an organization that focuses on the effective deploymentdevelopment of its employeesHuman Resourcespeople are as important to the success of any business as other resources such as money materials machineryinformationWhat are the HRM PROCESSESPRACTICES1Organizational workjob designdetermining what tasks need to be done in what order with what skillshow individual tasks fit together in work units 2HR planningensuring that people in the organization are the right people with the necessary skillsbackground3Recruitmentselectionsourcing attractinghiring the people with the necessary skillsbackground4Trainingdevelopmentproviding the resources to assist employees in developing the necessary knowledgeskills to do their job todayin the future5Performance managementensuring that there are appropriate mechanisms in place to provide feedback to employees regularly6Rewardsrecognitiondevelopingadministering a variety of rewardsrecognition components including paybenefits that will attract retainengage employees 7Occupational healthsafetyensuing that the safetyhealth of employees are maintained8Employeelabour relationsensuring that there are positiveconstructive relations between the employeestheir supervisors or managers or union representativesWHY STUDY Human Resources ManagementImportant to understandhuman behaviourto be knowledgeable about the various systempractices available to effectively use as well as build a skilled knowledgeablemotivated workforceThe Partnership of Line ManagersHR Professionals Role of THE LINE MANAGERManagersemployeesresponsible for the success of organizationEffective leadership of line managerthe talent or intellectual capital of the organization is enhancedLine managersdirectly interact with employeesresponsible for the effective contribution for those employees to the organizationLeadership important for motivatedengaged employeesoEffective leadershipcoachinginfluential on how the employees view themselves in the organizationLine managers need to see the gaps in any skill set when growthdevelopment is an issueLine authoritybeing directly responsible for the produce to serviceHR professionalstypically staffpeople who helpsupport the line managersoHR professionalsfunctional authoritylegitimate authority in HR areasrecruitment strategies or developing organizational programs to recognize employeesRole of the HR PROFESSIONALLine managers must understandthe role or function HR professionals playpart of the organization or external resources retained by the organizationHR practitionersmore professionaltrained with common bodies of knowledgeinformationHR practitionerprimary rolehelp equip the line manager with the best people practicesorganization can be successfuloService activitiesrecruitingtrainingoActive in policy formulationimplementation oHR professional can be an employee advocatelistening to employee concernsensuring that the organization is aware ofresponding to those concernsoLine manager would select best person for job from pool of applicants The ONGOING PARTNERSHIPManaging people is every managers responsibilityobligation equip line managers with thorough understanding of good HRM practiceshaving HR unit or retaining expertise when neededHR unit help design deliver programsservices to better equip employees supervisorsmanagers to contribute to organizational successHR unitgreater role in top management planningdecision makingCurrent Business Issuesthe Changing Nature of WorkIssue 1GLOBAL ECONOMYCanadian economyexportsImpact of globalizationoOffer customers anything anytime anywhere around the worldoGlobalizationmoving local or regional business into global marketplaceoIn order to remain competitivemanagers of largesmall organizations must ensure that they manage their human resources in the most productive efficienteffective way possibleEffect on BusinessoIncrease competitionoMore partnershipEffect of globalization on HRMoDifferent geographies cultures lawsbusiness practicesoMore international workersincrease complex HR activiesIssue 2 EVOLUTION OF FIRMSBUSINESS SECTORSDue to recession banking systems in North America are still very restrictive on their lending requirementsnot encouraging companies to reinvest any cash oManufacturing OntarioQuebec down significantlyhas not recoveredManaging CostsoPressure to lower costsimprove productivity to maximize efficiency in order to be globally competitiveoLabour costsmost significant especially in serviceknowledgeintensive industriesoReduction of labour costsdownsizingoutsourcingoDownsizingthe planned elimination of jobsoLabour shortagecareful how they reduce or eliminate workoWithout a welldesigned downsizing approach the company may find that its bestbrightest have leftoThe manner in which the action is taken to eliminate jobs must be carefully plannedEmployeddeparting employees must be looked at carefullyoutplacement servicesOutsourcingEmployee LeasingoContracting outside the organization for work that was formerly done by internal employeesoThe smallbusiness owner saves money timeresources by outsourcing tasks such as accountingpayrollExecutives want to focus their organizations activities on what they do bestIncrease flexibilitydecrease overhead costsoEmployee leasingemployees are let gothen hired by a leasing company that contracts back with the original companyoAddition to downsizing outsourcingemployee leasing organizations are making more use of contract workersparttime workers as a way to contain costs
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