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Comm 224 - NotesCh. 1-18

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MARK 201
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CH1MANANGING PROFITABLE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPSThe Marketing Process 5 Steps1Understand Customer NeedsaConsumer Needs WantsDemandsbMarketing OfferscCustomer ValueSatisfactiondExchangesRelationshipseMarkets2Designing A CustomerDriven Marketing StrategyaSelecting Customers To ServebChoosing A Value PropositioncMarketing Management Orientation3Preparing A Marketing PlanProgramaOutlinebProgramcMarketing Mix4Building Customer RelationshipsaCRM Relationship Building BlocksCR LevelsToolsbThe Changing Nature of CR Carefully Selected LongTermDirectlycPartner RM InsideOutside5Capturing Value From CustomersaCreating Customer LoyaltyRetentionbGrowingShare of CustomerscBuilding CE What is it Right Relations w Right Clients Potential ProfitabilityThe New Marketing LandscapeaDigital AgebInternetcRapid GlobalizationdCall For More EthicsSocial ResponsibilityeGrowth for NonProfit OrganizationsCH2 COMPANY MARKETING STRATEGYStrategic Planning 4 Steps1DefiningA MarketOriented MissionaMission Statement Purpose Should Be Avoid2Setting Company Objectives3Designing The Biz Portfolioa Analyze Current Biz Portfolio Portfolio Analysis SBU Evaluate SBUMatrixb Shape Future Portfolio By Developing Strategies For GrowthDownsizing ProductMarket Expansion GridDownsizing4Planning MarketingOther Functional StrategiesaPartnering With Other Company DepartmentsbPartnering With Others In The Marketing SystemMarketing StrategyThe Marketing Mix1CustomerCenter Marketing Strategy Segmenting Targeting Positioning2Developing The Marketing Mix3Managing The Marketing Effort Analysis PlanningImplementing Department Organization ControlEnvironmentMeasuringManaging Return On Marketing1Return On Marketing ROIBrand Awareness Sales Market Share2Improve Customer ValueSatisfaction
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