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Concordia University
MARK 201

Chapter 9Product mixall the products offered by the firmProduct linesa group of products that costumers uses together or think of it as a groupProduct categoryitems that the customers sees as reasonable substitutes Product line breadthvariety of items offered by the firm different itemsIncreaseto increase sales and to gain more segmentsDecreaseto adapt to the changing marketingProduct line depththe different subcategories within a product lineIncreasecreate a new category to satisfy the want of the customersDecreaseto reallocate the resources to more profitable sectors of the companyBrandingdifferentiate its products from the competitorsComponents of a brandURLsNameJinglesLogos and symbolsCharactersSlogansValue of branding for the customers and the marketerFacilitate purchasingEstablish loyaltyProtect from competition and price competitionReduce marketing costsAssetsImpact market valueBrand Equityassociations and perceived value brand loyaltyBrand ownership strategiesmanufacture owned by the manufacturer store or private label same product but uses different names with different distribution channels and generic no brand names has been decliningBrand Name Strategiescorporate brand product line brand individual brandBrand Extensionboost sales lower marketing costsBrand Dilutiontoo many extension could lead to lost of sales and loyalty the brand extension must not be too distant from the core brandCobrandingbenefits the participating brands by attracting the consumers of brand to the othersBrand Licensinga contract arrangement where one company allows another to use its brand logos and namesPackagingpackaging could add value to the productLabelingthe information is determined by regulations varies between regions
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