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CHAPTER 15DATA PROCESSING AND FUNDAMENTAL DATA ANALYSISOverview of the Data Analysis Procedure1Validation and editing quality control2Coding3Data entry4Logical cleaning of data5Tabulation and statistical analysisStep One Validation and EditingValidation Process of ascertaining that interviews actually were conducted as specified Eg interviewer fraud or failure to follow key instructionsWas the person actually interviewedDid the person qualify according to the screening questionsWas the interview conducted in the required mannerDid the interviewer cover the entire surveyEditing Process of ascertaining that questionnaires were filled out properly and completelyDid the interviewer fail to ask certain questions or fail to record answers for certain questionsWere skip patterns followedSkip Pattern Sequence in which later questions are asked based on a respondents answer to an earlier question or questionsDid the interviewer paraphrase respondents answers to openended questions or copy them verbatim Did the interviewer probeStep Two CodingProcess of grouping and assigning numeric codes to the various responses to a questionCoding Process1List responses2Consolidate responses3Set codes4Enter codesaRead responses to individual openended questions on questionnairesbMatch individual responses with the consolidated list if response categories and determine the appropriate numeric code for each responsecWrite the numeric code in the appropriate place on the questionnaire for the response to the particular question or enter the appropriate code in the database electronicallyAutomated Coding Systems Algorithms are based on semiotics and show great promise for speeding up the coding process reducing its cost and increasing its objectivity Eg TextSmart module of SPSSStep Three Data Entry
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