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MARK 302
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CHAPTER 9PRIMARY DATA COLLECTION EXPERIMENTATION AND TEST MARKETSExperimentResearch approach in which one variable is manipulated also called the independent treatment or explanatory variable and the effect on another variable is observedHolding other variables constant to rule out 3rd variablesmay need to use deceptionParticipants Equivalence on Dependent VariablesoRandom assignment matching within Ss designsDemonstrating CausationCausual Research Research designed to determine whether a change in one variable likely caused an observed change in anotherMust showConcomitant Variation AB must vary together in some predictable fashion statistical relationshipAppropriate Time Order of Occurrence A occurs before BElimination of Other Possible Causal Factors Ruling out things such as effect of changes in the competition the economy etcOneWay Analysis of Variance Teacher NotesBetween Subjects DesignsSimple Designs Oneway ANOVAContrastsFactorial Designs Univariate ANOVAContrastsInteractionsMediationModerationWithin Subjects DesignsRepeated Measures
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