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CHAPTER 13BASIC SAMPLING ISSUESConcept of SamplingSampling The process of obtaining information from a subset of a larger group A user of marketing research then takes the results from the sample and makes estimates of the characteristics of the larger group Population The entire group of people about whom information is needed also called the universe or population of interest The target population can be thought of as a target marketSample versus CensusCensus Data collection from or about every member of the population of interest It is also called canvassing the population by asking everyone a set of questions It is very expensive and timeconsuming and sometimes the researcher may not obtain a complete and accurate list of the entire population or some may not be willing to participateSample A subset of all the members of a population of interest Information is obtained from or about a sample and used to make estimates about various characteristics of the total population Ideally the sample from or about which information is obtained is a representative cross section of the total population
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