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Chapter 12 Sales Promotions1 Trade promotions are used by manufacturers and other members of the marketing channel to help push products through to retailers AnswerTRUE2 A coupon is a price reduction offer to a consumer AnswerTRUE3 The majority of coupons are issued by retailers AnswerFALSE4 The majority of coupons are sent out through print media AnswerTRUE5 FSI stands for Full Standing Inventory which means the ad campaign is complete AnswerFALSE6 FSI or Free Standing Inserts are the most common method used to deliver coupons to consumers AnswerTRUE7 An instant redemption coupon is sent out through print media AnswerFALSE8 An instant redemption coupon may lead to a trial purchase because the customer has immediate access to the discount AnswerTRUE1 Copyright2010 Pearson Education Inc Publishing as Prentice Hall9 A bounceback coupon is placed inside a package so it cannot be redeemed immediately AnswerTRUE10 Bounceback coupons tend to encourage trial purchases of products AnswerFALSE11 A scannerdelivered coupon is sent out by the Internet AnswerFALSE12 A scannerdelivered coupon is often given for a competing brand to encourage brandswitching AnswerTRUE13 Placing a coupon for French Onion dip on a bag of potato chips is called a bounceback coupon approach AnswerFALSE14 A crossruffing coupon is placing a coupon for one product on another product AnswerTRUE15 A coupon for peanut butter on a jar of jelly is a crossruff coupon AnswerTRUE16 Coupons issued following requests by a consumers are called scannerdelivered coupons AnswerFALSE17 Masscutting counterfeiting and misredemptions are three common problems with coupons AnswerTRUE18 Customers who already have a preference for a brand redeem the majority of all coupons AnswerTRUE19 Masscutting is redeeming coupons that have never been submitted to a retailer as part of a sale AnswerTRUE20 The major source of counterfeiting today is copying blackandwhite coupons from newspapers AnswerFALSE21 Retailers are usually not involved in masscutting or misredemption of coupons AnswerFALSE22 Redeeming a coupon for the wrong size of an item is a problem called misredemption AnswerTRUE2 Copyright2010 Pearson Education Inc Publishing as Prentice Hall23 Premiums are prizes or gifts consumers receive when purchasing products AnswerTRUE24 When a company offers a premium consumers pay full price for the good or service AnswerTRUE25 Some marketing experts believe overuse of premiums can damage a brands image while the use of coupons can actually enhance a brands image AnswerFALSE3 Copyright2010 Pearson Education Inc Publishing as Prentice Hall
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