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Chapter 13 Public Relations and Sponsorship Programs1 Buzz and publicity were important components of the success of the Harry Potter seriesAnswerTRUE2 The public relations department is the unit in the firm that manages publicity and communications with other groups that are in contact with the company AnswerTRUE3 The public relations department is the unit in the firm that manages items such as advertising and consumer promotions AnswerFALSE4 Most marketers today support creating a department of communications that would handle all of the marketing as well as public relations activities for a firm AnswerFALSE5 A hit is the mention of a companys name in a news story AnswerTRUE6 A hit may or may not be a positive news story AnswerTRUE7 One of the functions of public relations is to assess the companys reputation AnswerTRUE8 One of the functions of public relations is to audit the companys social responsibility and to develop causerelated or other types of programs to enhance the companys social responsibility image AnswerFALSE9 One of the functions of public relations is to create positive imagebuilding activities through developing sponsorships and causerelated programs that enhance the companys image AnswerFALSE10 A stakeholder is a person or group with a vested interest in an organizations wellbeing AnswerTRUE11 While the overall message to each stakeholder group should be the same each message should be tailored to meet the different expectations of the various audiences AnswerTRUE12 Employees are external stakeholders and owners are internal stakeholders AnswerFALSE1 Copyright2010 Pearson Education Inc Publishing as Prentice Hall13 Labor unions and shareholders are internal stakeholders or publics AnswerTRUE14 It is easier for the public relations department to access internal stakeholders as opposed to external stakeholders AnswerTRUE15 The human resource department plays a vital role in preparing effective internal public relations messages AnswerTRUE16 The company has little influence on what external stakeholders should think or say about it AnswerTRUE2 Copyright2010 Pearson Education Inc Publishing as Prentice Hall17 The key to managing external stakeholders is for the public relations department to constantly send out positive information about the company to all of the external stakeholder groups AnswerFALSE18 The marketing department tends to create contact points with customers and potential customers the public relations department deals with the other contact points that are created or are unplannedAnswerTRUE19 Strong corporate and brand names can enhance businesses during good times and protect them during a crisis or when a problem occursAnswerTRUE20 Most company leaders do a thorough job of understanding the corporations reputation AnswerFALSE21 Less than half of the companies in the United States have someone assigned to monitor corporate reputation AnswerTRUE22 Assessment of a firms reputation begins with company leaders taking the time to conduct surveys and interviews of what people think of the company AnswerTRUE23 Social responsibility is the obligation an organization has to be ethical accountable and reactive to the needs of society AnswerTRUE3 Copyright2010 Pearson Education Inc Publishing as Prentice Hall
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