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09262012Marketing CommunicationsThe coordination and integration of all promotion tools and sources within an organization to maximize the impact on consumers and other endusers at minimal costsSenderCompany behind the messageEncoderTaking the central message and turning it into some form of communicationTransmission devicesChannel or medium delivering the messageWhat we control such as television newspaperDecodingMessage reaching consumer or receivers sensesReceiverDecoding the message as the sender intended itFeedbackResponse to message Can be a purchase inquiry researchNoiseAnything that distorts or disrupts the message in the communication processCan occur at any stageAnything that takes away from receiving the intended messageClutterMost common form of noiseAs consumers we are exposed to hundreds of marketing messages each dayIntegrated Marketing Communications4 psProductPlace PromotionPricePromotionInclude but not limited tooAdvertisingDigital marketingDirect marketingSales promotionPublic relationsGrowth of IMCIncreased accountabilityResults linked to actionsAudience adoption of new forms of mediaModern technology ex YouTube videosChallenge becomes finding ways to reach consumers who are increasingly sophisticated at blocking out traditional advertising messages but who can be reached through new technologies Marketing communications now means finding ways to engage with and interact with consumers and take advantage of modern technologyIncreased competitionConsumers wants both low prices and high qualityManufacturers and retailers must work togetherBrand parityNo preference between brandsSame set of attributes between productsPurchase decisions mostly rely on price availability or specific promotion dealEconomic pressuresEfforts lead by CEOsCompanies shifting expenditures from traditional to new alternative media creativityYounger consumersLess likely to watch TVEngaged in technologybased interactionsInformation TechnologyInstant communicationsOld fashioned methods of RD are slow costly and unreliablePurchasebehavior predicitons are now more precise due to the development of Universal product code UPC
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