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Test 2 Review Covers 2nd half of course (Functionalism, Knowledge Argument, Consciousness, Representationalism, Mental Reference, Privileged Access, Extended Mind and Perception). Contains arguments and key figures.

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PHIL 255
John Turri

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Winter 2011 – Prof. John Turri PHIL255: Philosophy of Mind Mind-Body Dualism Descartes, Meditation II + IV Descartes, Passions of the Soul Behaviourism Putnam, Brains + Behaviour Identity Theory *Smart, Sensations and Brain Processes *Feigl, The ‘Mental’ + The ‘Physical’ Idealism Berkeley, Principles of Human Knowledge; Sections 1-41, 54-56 Functionalism Putnam, The Nature of Mental States *Block, Troubles with Functionalism The Knowledge Argument Jackson, Epiphenomenal Qualia Consciousness McGinn, Can We Solve the Mind-Body Problem? *Nagel, What is it like to be a Bat? Representationalism Tye, Visual Qualia + Visual Content Revisited Mental Reference Anti-Individualism Putnam, The Meaning of ‘Meaning’ Privileged Access McKinsey, Anti-Individualism + Privileged Access Brueckner, What an Anti-Individualist Knows A Priori Extended Mind Clark/Chalmers, The Extended Mind Perception Huemer, Scepticism + Veil of Perception, Ch. 1, 4-7 *Optional Reading 1 Winter 2011 – Prof. John Turri Functionalism David Lewis: - physicalist substance monism; all - Martian Pain (C-Fibres) substance is physical - reject view that mental properties are identical to physical properties - mental properties are always realized by physical properties - mental kinds are functional kinds - disposition to perform certain actions; form certain mental states Explanatory Argument for Functionalism 1. All mental states are multiply - Objections: realizable. (Premise) o Too Liberal: - Ned Block’s “Chinese Nation” Thought 2. Functionalism is the best Experiment explanation for why all o Can’t Handle Inverted mental states are multiply Qualia – Red-Green realizable. (Premise) Inversion o Absent Qualia – Robot with 3. So Functionalism is true. Qualitative Experience (From 1 and 2) - Not logically valid; not logically weak either - If premises were true, they would provide us with good reason to accept conclusion 2 Winter 2011 – Prof. John Turri The Knowledge Argument Frank Jackson: - Mary, Black and White Experience - Fred w/ R1 & R2 experience: No amount of physical info re: Fred’s brain and optical system tells us what it feels like to have R1 & R2 sight Jackson’s Argument 1. If Mary learns a - Objections: new fact upon first seeing a o Phenomenal Qualia = coloured object, then Epiphenomenal physicalism is false. (Premise) o Line 2 is False = Relevant - supported by physicalism = all reading at “Learns” facts are physical facts - Logically Strong; form ‘If P, then Q; P; Therefore Q’ 2. Mary learns a new fact upon first seeing a coloured object. (Premise) - supported by intuition 3. So Physicalism is false. (From 1 and 2) 3 Winter 2011 – Prof. John Turri Mysterianism Colin McGinn - Cognitive Closure - Nonconstructive Naturalism - Re: Mind-body problem: Naturalist – Argument by Elimination Cognitive Closure 1. If humans can’t - Proof by cases = solve only through positively conceptualize the introspection, perception, inference: connection between body and - Introspection: - access to mind,
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