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Antigone 1500Dichotomywomen stereotypemore emotionalshould stay home and not be heard ofantigone does not characterize stereotypeshe is pretty definedshe seems very pissedshe lost most of her familyshe behaves like she is lovely sort of forgetting or putting her sister apartshe does not think of ismane as her sisterShe rejects people who disagree with herAntigone wants to be acknowledgedthe first time there was a burialSophocles interpreted it as the God buried the brother she buries him the second timeanother interpretation Antigone did it the first time and they dont catch herno one caught hershe seeks acknowledgement therefore she goes on and buries him a second time and cries out loudshe wants acknowledgement for her actionsviolate stereotypical image of women in ancient GreeceShe does what she considers a glorious deed to bring fame upon herShe wants to be acknowledged in the public political worldantigone she rather stands there and get a punch in the face rather than compromisingshe sticks for her beliefsShe is willing to break if will be she will not yieldcreon pretty much the same as antigone nor willing to compromisehe does not believe in the democratic systemhis subjectsscared of himWhy does creon think the guard is lying believing he knows who buried the bodyHe believes he has been bribed projection He believes he would do that in his position therefore thinks everybody would do the sameUse of metaphors ie compares state to a shipaccording to the chorus nothing inspires more awe than men whyWhy can travel over God sea had spiritsWe are the master of everything we can bit all natural phenomenaWe invented tools We invented abstract devices ex Government communityWith all of this devices we choose to destroy each other choose to do good or evilWe are inspiring and horrifying at the same time If we do not have proper governmental institutions we will collapsewhy did antigone bury her brother1 to follow the law2 to point out how unjust her political ruling was3 familial obligation4 prove the stereotypes of women in her type were odd5 for her own personal glory6 can be all of the aboveWhy does creon not allow polonis body to be buried he is an enemy of the state serves as a warning to his enemiessolidify his powerdeterrence he is doing what he thinks is best for the cityAntigone is mourning at the end does she regret her actions or is she trying to get more attention towards herShe knows that by acting as if the punishment was unjust she will have the public on her side and it will be a way of denouncing how unjust ancient greece politics or laws werethWednesday January 16 2013Dichotomies cut into two piecesways of looking at the world in a way of mutually exclusive categories of thingsWe like to look at the world in categoriesgood and bad hot and coldworld does not really correspond to these rigid ways of thinkingexample in between hot and cold there is warmare the dichotomies trueExample dichotomypublic and privateHuman nature we can do great things but we choose to do evilwe are neither good nor badpolitical systems imperfect they are full of humanswho are imperfectwhat kind of creature does haemon think we areWhat kind of creature does kreon think we areHow does their views shape the way they think political systems should beMetaphors use them to describe abstract thingsship of state government is like a shipeverybody in the community are like rowerstells us how much the ships is like governmentIn what ways are they like and in what ways are they notAntigones personality rigidshe does not bendinborn trait and environment work togethernature vs nurture both shape personality and influence the choices you makeFaitharbitrarysometimes does not make any sense Life if not fairAgon debate between Haemon and KreonHaemon says he will follow his fathers will when they re fairkreon replies he should follow his will whether they are good or bad because he is his fatherold vs youngold people are wise have exprience more rationalyoung people impulsive naive inexperienced irrational and emotionalfamily issue since they are kin they should agree with each other as a groupfather gets to determine what the family will dohe believes he is the city and must be obeyed
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