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POLI 219
Marcel Danis

POLI 219 FINAL EXAM MODULE 6 Historical Background: Know in details the history of the drug trade 18 Century th Britain dominated the drug trade from India to China in the mid 18 century Smoking opium was permitted in China but only for medicinal reasons British shipments of Indian opium going to China were estimated at 2000 chest shipments per year (each shipment including 135 pounds) Profits were used by the Britains to purchase Chinese luxury goods such as tea and silk When china decided to supress the opium trade, Britain went to war against them at 2 occasions (known as OPIUM WARS) th 19 Century People have been using narcotics for medicinal, recreational, and religious purposes since prehistoric times Refinement of morphine and heroin coming from opium In this century, opium was produced from South American coca leaves (considered the wonder drugs) Sale of narcotics wasnt regulated at all 20 Century Medicines containing substances such as morphine, opium and coca elements were blamed for the approximately 2 MILLION drug addicts in the US This lead to the criminalization of nonmedical use of these substances with the HARRISON ACT. Popular bands such as Rolling Stones glamourized drugs such as LSD along with cannabis and antidepressants Cocaine trade in the US was booming
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