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[PSYC 333] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 68 pages long Study Guide!

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PSYC 333
Stephane Gaskin

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Concordia PSYC 333 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE find more resources at Chapter 1: History, Theory, and Research Strategies BASIC ISSUES IN DEVELOPMENT Theory 1. A set of statements that describes, explains, and predicts behavior. Three Basic Issues in Development 1. Continuous or Discontinuous Development Theories? a) Continuous: i. Gradual augmentation of the same type of skills that were there to begin with. b) Discontinuous: i. New ways of understanding and responding to the world that emerge at specific times: Theories that accept the discontinuous perspective see development as taking place in stages: o Qualitative changes in thinking, feeling, and behaving that characterize specific periods of development. 2. One Course of Development or Many Courses? a) Does everyone go through the same developmental course? b) Context: i. A unique combination of personal and environmental circumstances that can result in different paths of change. ii. Contexts that shape development are manylayered and complex. 3. Relative Influence of Nature and Nurture? a) Naturenurture controversy: i. Are genetics or environmental factors more important? b) Theories: i. Stability theory: Stresses the importance of heredity: o Individuals who are high or low in a characteristic will remain so at later ages. ii. Environment theory: Stresses the importance of early experiences: o Powerful negative events in the first few years cannot be fully overcome by later, positive ones. iii. Plasticity theory: Stresses that development is open to change in response to influential experiences. THE LIFESPAN PERSPECTIVE: A BALANCED POINT OF VIEW Development find more resources at
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