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223 Midterm Appendix

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Concordia University
RELI 223

Reli 223 Fall 2013 Early Christianity TimelineEventsPoliticsImportant Christian FiguresDocuments 30 BCE Augustus defeats Antony and Cleopatra at Actium tobecome Emperor of the Roman people 033 CE Jesus born in Galilee Killed by the Roman State3370 CE Passion Narrative and other oral stories about Jesusbegin to circulate 4560 CE The apostle Paul missionizes the Gentiles nd70 CE The Jewish War 2 Temple destroyed 70200 CE The earliest canonical gospel is written down theGospel of Mark Followed by Matthew Luke and John and 130s Bar Kochba Rebellion Jews are expelled from Palestineother Christian writings including some of those in the NagHammadi Library 100250 CE Christian movement expanding Sporadicpersecution of Christian communities140 CE Ignatius of Antioch martyred150 CE Marcion of Pontus teaching in Rome 85160 CE160220 CE Tertullian of Carthage 249251 CE Decian Persecution260339 CE Eusebius of Caesarea 303313 CE Tetrachy of Diocletian 303305 CE The Great Persecution288337 CE Constantine the Great313 CE Edict of Milan 325 CE Council of Nicea381 Council of Constantinople Nicea confirmed 354430 CE Augustine of Hippo410 Rome sacked by VandalsEmpire falls by the end of the century 451 Council of Chalcedon
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