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THEO 206 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gnosticism, Syncretism, The Guardians Of Time

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THEO 206
Lucian Turcescu
Study Guide

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Q1: Explain the new relationships between church and emperor in the East and West in
the fourth and fifth centuries.
-Religion ensured the existing world order and the prosperity of the Roman people, while the
emperor was the supreme priest
-Christianity was born in the Roman Empire
-Hellenism was effectively spread by Roman emperor Augustus, who made Romans the
patrons of Hellenism.
-Hellenism is the blend of Greece and the Orient that arose in the wake of Alexander’s
conquests and embraced all aspects of life.
-Power relations: Church vs State. Bishop was known as the Pope.
oWest: theory of 2 powers (throne and alter). State was no longer seen as the
Emperor was rep of earthly power, Bishops were reps of heavenly power
They did collaborate but stayed separate from the political ruler
oEast: hamony (symphonia) – emperor was Christian and patriarch
Constantine seen as son of God on Earth
Q2: Explain the notion original sin in Augustine of Hippo and its relationship with the
human freewill.
In Christianity evil results from original sin, which was the disobedience of Adam
and Eve in the Garden of Eden narrative (found in Genesis chapter 3).
Story of slave child and rich child born at same moment, convinces him that Astrology is
phony, relates to freewill. States in Book 4 that Astrology denies the freedom of the will
He’s restrained to soul-searching by his sexual impulses. Sin is a corruption of things that
are “good”.
He believes that Christ provides the only true resolution to the matter of human sin.
platonism its talking about our souls falling in material bodies
then after he wasn't satisfied with the explanation platonism provided he then
moved on to Christianity
Mani – eternal battle between light and dark in all of us
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