THEO 206 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Pulcheria, Justin Martyr, Montanism

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What is docetism: the belief that christ only seemed to be divine, the belief that christ was human, the belief that christ only seemed to have a human body, the belief that christ was divine. The donatists were a group of african clergy who: embraced ritual purity and separated themselves from the world, were followers of bishop augustine of hippo, protested against the divinity of jesus, invented and sold donuts in early christianity. The creed of nicaea (of 325 ce) stated that: jesus is consubstantial with the father, the holy spirit does not exist, god is not the father of jesus, not god but satan created the world. )t was the city where the first defense of jesus" divinity took place: he persecuted christians, he called the council of nicaea, he defeated emperor constantine in the battle at the milvian bridge in rome.

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