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Here are examples of how to write the final papertake home examof introduction to the BibleTHEO 202 with MrBellavanceAttention Always make a short introduction and conclusionIt gives you some few points for the structure of your text 1 The Bible has a long history of composition and transmission Discuss the different issues involved in the formation and transmission of the Bible The Bible is the most published book and most in the world Sheit reached us after centuries of reorganization and compilation Diverse authors composed the papers of the BibleThe trainingformation and the transmission of the Bible are very complex The various books carrywear either human names or names which make reference to a timeperiod or an event For exampleSolomons proverbsmake reference to king Solomon son of king David the genesis which literally means beginning tells the story of the creation of the world Even if certain books of the Bible have proper nouns it is often a multitude of authors who composed it The authors were inspired in fact by the message of these figures of authority However this practice is more present in the books of the Old Testament than in the books of the New Testament The majority of the books of the New Testament bear the name of their respective authors so four Gospels bear the name of Matthew Mark Luke and John Paul wrote too under pen names besides his letters in churches situated in cities as Rome or Ephesus he wrote under the name of Timothy and of Philemon As a general rule the experts know a big problem with regard the identification of the real authors of the biblical texts On the other hand the original texts were not found if yes just a few of them The papers were probably modified during decades The papers were often edited by scribes who often belonged to a religious environment and under the influence of this religious community changed the papers to give them the deliberate final shape The formation of the Bible is a very long process it is among others necessary compose books copy them print them etc Very often books were parts which it was necessary to assemble because texts were never complete Furthermore the oral tradition prevailed for a long time because the number of people who knew how to read and write was small What made so that narratives were often voluntarily or not modified They were it also in the process of edition and copy of books The first written compilations of the Hebrew books were going to appear under the Persian domination and they were going to be returned 1
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