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5What is the institution of monasticism and why is it important for ChristianityMonasticismThestuffinboldisimportantthestuffinblueisgoodbutyoucanleaveoutMonasticism is a way of life characterized by withdrawing from the world in order to attain personal sanctification usually practiced in community with others Monasticism was part of the 310410 AD it emerged and saw a speedy practice of Christian life in the early church and from growth Some forms of monasticism include Anchoriticeremitic The grouping of anchorites or hermits Cenobitic Pachomian cenobitism and Basilian The Basilian community which follow the model of BasilIt started toward the end of the third century in Egypt and early hermitmonks like Anthony the Great and Pachomius were early monastic innovators especially St Antony who is considered the father of Monasticism Egypt was the cradle of monasticism
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